We are Exceptional Individuals. The first employment partnership for dyslexic people.

We believe our economy is missing out on a valuable asset. 

Current employment practices exclude many dyslexic people despite their proven ability.

Entry to the job market can be a daunting task for applicants with dyslexia, we help them overcome key barriers, and work with business to create more inclusive workplaces.

Meet the Exceptional Individuals team below

Matt Boyd


0208 133 6046

In 2012 Matt came to the decision he wanted to help people who have dyslexia (like himself) find employment. He found the traditional job application process particularly tricky for people with dyslexia. He also believes that educating companies about the benefits of employing dyslexic people (which there are many) is key to breaking down barriers for the dyslexic community.

Employer or candidate liaison: Both

Dyslexic: Yes

Katie Smith

0208 133 6046

Katie Joined EI in July 2017. A Business Development Manager who has a wide range of experience across many industries, focusing in on Sales, Marketing and Events. Katie manages our client accounts and ensures that we are working with a wide range of partners, to open up more opportunities for our candidates in a variety of industries.

Employer or candidate liaison:Employer

Nat Hawley

0208 133 6046

Nat Joined EI in August 2017 as Partnership and Community Manager. Nat is a successful social entrepreneur, trustee of youth social action charity, VInspired and a dyspraxia peer support charity, Dyspraxic Me. Nat is an avid campaigner for people with learning differences such as dyslexia, which led him to be nominated for a Pride of Britain award and have received recognition in person & in a speech by HRH The Prince of Wales. Nat has previously worked at the Prince’s Trust in youth outreach and then Media Trust. He joined Exceptional Individuals, the first employment partnership for dyslexic people, building on the passion that first inspired Nat to campaign for the rights of people with disabilities.

Employer or candidate liaison: Both

Tony Richards

0208 133 6046

Tony joined Exceptional Individuals in September 2017 on secondment from the Civil Service. He has had a wide range of roles across government, working on various different projects. Tony is working on a number of client accounts, supporting applications and wants to ensure applicants find long term positions in supportive environments.

Employer or candidate liaison: Both


0208 133 6046

Amanda has over 20 years’ experience working with special needs children and adults. She is our in house dyslexia expert. Mandy has helped both employers and candidates with specific dyslexia matters. If you are worried about having or employing some one with dyslexia please talk to Mandy.

Employer or candidate liaison: Employer

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