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August 30, 2017

Dyslexia Academy Launch


Yesterday, in a packed room of DWP, cabinet office and employment professionals Exceptional Individuals launched the UK’s first Dyslexia Academy. So impressive was the launch that we made it onto the 6oclock news- check out the interview Here.

The Dyslexia Academy has been refined over three years and is the only programme on the market offering bespoke support to individuals whose dyslexia is a barrier to them getting into work. People with dyslexia are sadly more likely to be unemployed. 4 in 10 people accessing the job centre have dyslexia, but only 1 in 10 people in the UK are dyslexic.

The Exceptional Individuals team, all of whom are neurodivergent, have learnt how to harness their dyslexia and make it their USP, they have used this lived experience to develop a series of fantastic workshops designed to get jobs for dyslexics.

Thanks to some funding from the IEP, feedback from the community and support from the DWP and various other agencies they have spent the last year piloting these workshops with fantastic results and demand.

  • 94% of attendees left the workshop feeling more confident about their learning difference
  • 100% of attendees felt their understanding of neurodiversity had improved
  • 90% of attendees said they would recommend the workshop to a friend or colleague

The workshops have now been refined into a 6-week programme in which participants will gain the skills and tools they need in order to get into work, will become part of the Exceptional Individuals community and will be able to access ongoing one to one support in their job search.

In partnership with the Job centre and other agencies we hope to deliver the first 6-week Dyslexia Academy in late 2018 and start to flood the job market with Exceptional Individuals who think a little differently.

To find out more about the Academy and how you can get involved please go to:

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