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April 18, 2016
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April 18, 2016

What is a dyslexic recruitment agency?

A lot of our candidates especially the students and recent grads often don’t understand what we mean by dyslexic recruitment agency. I often find myself explaining the concept to them over and over. I wanted to put something on the blog just to clarify what it is.

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Firstly a recruitment agency works with companies to help the find employees. The recruitment agency generally helps companies fill roles with a short turn around period. The agency will charge a fee to the companies for providing this service, fees can vary but generally they are a percentage of the employees starting wage, for arguments sake let’s say 10%.

Personally my experience with recruitment agencies (as a candidate) has been varied; agents sometimes work under considerable pressure to meet deadlines and don’t necessarily find the right person for the job. I’ve heard stories from people in the industry (not exceptional individuals) that have convinced candidates to go to a job that has worse career prospects and is obviously not a better job than one they have been offered or are already in.
Using myself as example I just finished university I had a degree in business and a years’ experience in online marketing. I had a phone call from an agent who said they had a job for me as an online marketing executive; the business in question had seen my C.V and loved it. Off I trotted to the interview and I can honestly say I don’t think they had even seen my CV, not only that the job was well above my skill level and qualifications. I was embarrassed to be there it was humiliating, I would never want to be put in that situation again. The company had been told I had asked specifically to be put forward for the job and I had been told they loved my CV, both of these were a lie. On the other hand the job I did eventually get the recruitment agent that put me forward for the role were polite and most importantly honest, I had an interview before with the agency so they knew what I was looking for. This is what we do at exceptional individuals we try to build genuine relationships and listen to all our candidates needs on a case by case basis.
What makes us a dyslexic recruitment agency; this is pretty simple we work with candidates that have dyslexia. Some recruitment agencies just work with marketing professionals some artists, I wanted to work with dyslexia as it’s something that’s close to me and I thought it was an area that needed addressing.

This post was written and edited by Matt Boyd (Dyslexic) so please forgive me for grammatical errors. All views are my own and they don’t necessarily reflect Exceptional Individuals.

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