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November 15, 2016
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August 30, 2017

Our Friend Emily…


We have candidates from every walk of life come through our offices in Bank, we see artists and architects to baristas and bankers. It’s the huge level of diversity that we have in our candidate base that means we are trusted by both employers and candidates alike – we have experience in ensuring that both of these two groups are well supported throughout their time with us.

Emily was appointed as an Apprentice within a small team working out of Central London on a niche but particularly exciting business venture.

She came to us through her line Manager, who had heard about our work previously.

Jewelry, Rings, help, hope

We very quickly got to work with Emily to see what she excelled at, and what she needed a little more support with. Having met with Emily a couple of times, we were able to carry out a Workplace Needs

Assessment, which meant that we were able to recommend some assistive technology that would support her with her day to day duties in a way that worked for her. We discussed what

our recommendation would be, and made sure that what we were going to suggest were all items that she would feel comfortable using and were all items that she wanted to use.

Emily struggled with spelling, we were able to recommend her a global autocorrect tool for her computer, which automatically corrects and misspellings as she types, which allows for her to work in a quicker manner which was especially important as part of her role is responding to customers on instant chat on the website.

We also recommended that Emily receive a technologically advanced pen, which when used on a particular type of paper automatically transfers the persons handwriting onto their computer for quick and easy note taking.  This really works for Emily, who is able to take notes of customers specifications for their orders quickly and efficiently and not worry about losing her notes.
Technology is great, but it’s not the only tool that we can use to help our candidates. We commit to supporting people for as long as they need us in a role, and Emily is great example. We work with her in one-to- one sessions every fortnight, bringing with us new coping techniques and strategies to make her life easier. Sometimes she will bring a particular problem with her like how to tackle a certain problem or sometimes we’ll discuss the best ways we have found to get over an issue, like getting lost.

All of this support is free to Emily and her employer, and we’re committed to supporting both of them for as long as they need us. We’re proud to be working with Emily, and pleased to see that she is making such a brilliant success of her Apprenticeship so quickly.

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